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eco logic UNDERWEAR (now)

ECO LOGIC UNDERWEAR in a new collection of underwear Dualik goes ECO LOGIC. Fabrics have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) by EU standards. Hands that made it: Tomaž Tomljanović, design Jožica Hribar (ex Lisca), sewing Marko Šijanec, creative assistance …

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The Idea of Antidepressive wear (now)

“The idea of antidepressive wear” is a performative extension of a fashion design concept created by a fashion artist Tomaž Tomljanović a.k.a. dualik as a reaction to forced mindset of contemporary society – an individual condemned to constant self-inventing and …

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“Wear it! Be a men!” Ready to wear. 2012. Street elegance. Clothing: Dualik Photo: Toni Soprano & dualik; All of the clothing can be custom made!

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Body is not for sale

Fashion performance 2012. Women’s wear. Clothing: Dualik Photo: Toni Soprano Hair style: Neža Foster Make up: Neža Foster Accessories: Polonezza   Ready to wear women’s underwear, jackets, skirts… All of the clothing can be custom made!

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The Black Countess

Women’s  2010. Clothing: Dualik Accessories: Olga Košica Photo: Lorenka Stropnik Model: Carol Gutierrez Make up: Tadeja Knez Hair: Gregor Gošnjak Shoes:  United Nude   Women’ s elegance starts with her own custom made dress.

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Dualik postcards & Calendar 2014

“Dualik postcards” is a project through out witch people can stay in touch and send thoughts, memories, impressions… wherever they go. What to do: – take a photo (wearing a Dualik clothes) – send it together with a text to …

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winter 1o

8th step is the first step out of the body. Women’s winter 2010. Clothing: Dualik Photos: Ramaida Osim & Photos: Andrej Cvetnič For warm steps in winter… The clothing can be custom made!

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spring 1o

Women’s Spring 2010. Clothing: Dualik Photo: Ramaida Osim Whatever you need for spring… can be costume made!

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Dualik T-shirts

Women’s T-shirts. summer-time. 2009 Clothing: Dualik Model: Carol Gutierrez You can get it if you want it and be ready for summer. All of the clothing can be custom made!  

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spring o9

Women’s Spring 2009. “Blossom.” Clothing: Dualik Photo: Andrej Cvetnič & Photo: Dualik All of the clothing can be custom made!

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Featuring s

Projects, collaborations, collections in the past and… for the future … (from 2006 on) In these 10 years Dualik collaborated and created project with: 1. Photographer Tania Mendillo: The three musketeers (Musketeer #1: Aljoša Bagola, Musketeer #2: Andrej Hajdinjak, Musketeer …

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accessories o9

Winter Accessories. 2009. Made by Dualik. Photo: Ramaida Osim & Photo: Toni Soprano

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Summer 2008 collection. “Making pants.” Clothes: Dualik Photo: Dualik & Lorenka Stropnik All of the clothing can be custom made!

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Dualik 2007. “Beginnings.” Clothes: Dualik Photo: Dualik & Lorenka Stropnik Model: Lorenka Stropnik


My brand.



Dualik Street Fashion


Behind every man’s clothing there is a body that in it’s inner world carries it’s own lust for life.

The energy of oneself is important to live life to the fullest.

The style is minimalistic, ornamental, exploring the idea of ”feeling good=looking good’’,

how a piece of clothing effects ones perception of life.

Dualik as a street fashion brand is discovering functionality of clothing,

with a touch of elegance that can take you from your early morning business meeting

to a late night party fever.




Dualik & press.

Media coverage about Dualik Street Fashion (Tomaž Tomljanović).

1. Fashion Magazine Bella Donna presenting Menswear
2. Finance/Trendi Magazine – presenting accessories FINdesign and Dualik clothing
3. Eva Fashion Magazine presenting designer Tomaž Tomljanovič and his brand Dualik
4. Elle Fashion Magazine presenting Tania Mendillo photo-shoot with Dualik Street Fashion (2011)
5. Večer – daily newspaper (Saturday edition) – introducing his project/participation at International Festival of Contemporary Dance NAGIB (2013)
6. Documentary about Dualik Street Fashion made and presented at The Festival of Slovene documentaries (2013)
7. Bonbon – magazine for fashion, health, beauty… – presenting A-dress, fashion & theatre performance by Tomaž Tomljanović, Andrea Birmanac, Natalija Borak, Tibor Hrs Pandur and Tine Lubej


Tomaž Tomljanović

Fashion designer

Toni Soprano


Photo: Toni Soprano


Creative assistence

Petra Hazabent

Cultural Manager/ Producer


It's all about custom shit.


Scarf sessions

Scarf sessions by Dualik & Jazzni selection. 2013.

Elegance. Business. Accessories. Gifts…

All scarfs can be custom made. Support your local design.

Price: from 33 eur

Old clothes-new stories


RE:DO. Reconstruction of old clothes
Old clothes – New stories.

The concept of reconstruction is to make old or secondhand clothes into a new, wearable and unique piece of clothing with a touch of a designer.

You can bring, donate or order your RE:DO piece of clothing. Bring something old to get something unique.

All RE:DO clothes can be custom made.
Price for RE:DO from 22 eur on.

Concept and realization by Dualik

Design/photo: Toni Soprano




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New collection in making.

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